World of Warcraft Official Cookbook Lootcrate Edition Paperback


Height – 19cm
Width – 15.5cm
Depth – 9mm
111 pages

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Prepare a feast fit for a warchief with World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook, a compendium of sweet and savory recipes inspired by the hit game from Blizzard Entertainment. Presenting delicacies favored by the Horde and the Alliance alike, this authorised cookbook teaches apprentice chefs how to conjure up a menu of food from across the realm of Azeroth. This otherworldly culinary guide offers something for everyone.  With alternatives to the more obscure ingredients—just in case you don’t have Chimaerok Chops lying around—this comprehensive cookbook will ensure that you have no trouble staying well fed.

About the Author: A lifelong artist and fan of fantasy, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel found an outlet for her multifaceted creativity with the Game of Thrones food blog, Inn at the Crossroads. It was so successful that it quickly spawned an official cookbook, which has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Like the literature she loves, Chelsea’s work is a synthesis of imagination and historical research. She is now focused on bringing other fantasy worlds to life through food, photography, art, and digital media.