Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm Chelsea Doll Pony with Accessories


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On Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm, everyone is welcome to lend a helping hand, it makes the work easier and the stories more fun! Kids can role-play a day on the farm with this Chelsea doll and horse playlet. Play out feeding, grooming, nurturing and, of course, horseback riding. The sweet brown horse has a saddle, bridle and reins in shades of pink, and Chelsea has knees that bend so she can ride comfortably and a matching helmet for safety. A brush is perfect for the pony’s blonde mane and tail, and food accessories add storytelling fun. Includes Chelsea doll wearing fashion and accessories, plus helmet; pony with saddle, bridle and reins; horse blanket; bale of hay; one bunch of apples; one head of lettuce; and basket. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.