Mego Star Trek The Next Generation Q Action Figure ***Damaged Card***


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Mego is proud to continue it’s storied history with the famed Star Trek brand by bringing the enigmatic Q to action figure collectors and Trek fans alike! Standing approximately 8” / 20 cm tall, this excellent figure comes complete with fabric clothing. Supplied on blister card packaging.

Star Trek’s Q is an extra-dimensional being of unknown origin, who possessed immeasurable power over time, space, the laws of physics, and reality itself. Capable of altering it to his whim and loves a good practical joke for his own personal amusement. Q is an all-powerful member of the Q continuum – a race of god-like beings who roam the universe. This Q has put the human race on trial and it’s up to Captain Picard to prove to him that we belong among the stars.

Please be aware that these are collectible figures, we do not recommend giving these to children to use as toys.

***Damaged Card – Not recommended for MOC collectors***