Eaglemoss Cloaked Predator Figurine


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A unique item for Predator fans. From the original 1987 movie Predator, the Masked Predator is offered in his cloaked form simulating the movie cloaking effect.

This Cloaked Predator Figurine from the iconic 1987 Predator movie is limited to only 1000 worldwide. He stands 13 cm tall and captures every incredible detail of the Predator figurine fully cloaked to hide its presence. Equipped with its advanced biomask, shoulder cannon, and deadly wristblades, its prey stands little chance!

This 1:16 scale Predator Figurine is presented in a full-coloured box and will surely be a show-stopping addition to your Alien and Predator collection.

Let the hunt begin.

Product Code ALNUK605