Eaglemoss Aliens Facehugger Figurine


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Need a hug? Eaglemoss Hero Collector proudly presents this Facehugger figurine, part of the Alien and Predator Figurine Collection.

First introduced in Ridley Scott’s iconic Alien, this creepy critter was given terrifying focus in James Cameron’s classic feature Aliens. The Facehugger has evolved with a single purpose; to find a living host for a Chestburster embryo. It is equipped with bony, finger-like legs, a long, sharp tail, and deadly proboscis to help complete its grisly mission. This figurine captures every aspect of this organism it all its disturbing detail.

This hand-painted polyresin Facehugger figure is almost 10” long and makes an essential addition to any Alien collection.

Product Code ALNUK604