Eaglemoss Alien Xenomorph Figurine (Damaged Packaging)


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*This item is being sold at a reduced price due to damaged retail packaging*

Take a voyage with this extra-terrestrial Alien Xenomorph figure, part of the definitive Alien and Predator figurine collection.

Designed by H.R Giger and brought to life by director Ridley Scott, this xenomorph figurine has been taken from 1979’s Alien and brought to life in terrifyingly realistic detail, like he stepped off the screen and onto your shelf or desk!

This figurine stands over 15 cm tall including base. The xenomorph is presented in a standing attack pose capturing the skeletal terror with acid for blood, a vicious tail and two sets of lethal jaws with its recently shed skin on the base as well as the Nostromo crew hat from its first victim in its adult form – Engineering Technician Samuel Brett.

Alien fans, don’t miss the chance to add this menacing Xenomorph to your collection!