Eaglemoss Alien vs Predator Requiem Figurine


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The Yautja Predator and the Alien Xenomorph from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (often shortened to AVP: R) have been locked in combat throughout space over thousands of years; their conflict is captured in this incredible special edition Alien vs Predator Figurine, proudly presented by the Alien & Predator Figurine Collection.

The Yautja, a proud predator race have visited Earth every 100 years to hunt the Xenomorphs, a deadly parasitic species they consider to be the ultimate prey. While humanity has often been caught up in their conflict, Alien vs Predator is the biggest battle in the universe.

These fantastic metallic resin Alien & Predator figurines have been crafted and painted by hand and depict the sworn enemies engaging in the ultimate fight. The Yautja warrior, dressed in armourand fully equipped with its bio mask, holds the gruesome Xenomorphby its neck as it kicks out at the predator.

Any fan of the Alien vs Predator franchise should not miss out on this ferocious duo.

Height with base approx. 15.8cm