Eaglemoss Alien Space Jockey Figurine


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Standing over 22cm tall with a diameter of more than 20cm, comes this heavyweight figurine of the fossilised Space Jockey from Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic feature film, Alien.

Discovered long-dead at the controls of his derelict starship by an exploration team from the freighter Nostromo, the mammoth Space Jockey is the first shocking sign of alien life for the ship’s crew. His origin, purpose and mysterious fate spark the crew’s curiosity, but the pilot’s damaged ribcage is the first clue of the horror yet to unfold around Ripley and her colleagues.

This impressive figure is produced in detailed polyresin to capture the intricate biomechanical design inspired by the work of legendary artist HR Giger, and hand-painted to recreate the haunting colours in the scene, one of the sci-fi’s most memorable moments.