Eaglemoss Alien Retro Bull & Gorilla Figurine Set


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Humanity has expanded beyond our galaxy, colonising planets far from Earth. We are not alone, however. The xenomorphs are spreading too. And with every new world, comes new mutations and new danger.

This incredible Retro Bull Alien & Gorilla Alien figurine set is based on the classic 90s toy line. The Bull Alien figurine captures the Bull Alien with two mighty horns on its head. Stands 8.5cm tall.

The Gorilla Alien is a Xenomorph product of a Facehugger infecting a gorilla. The Gorilla Alien figurine depicts its blue, purple and grey skin colour, with its large, powerful arms. Stands 10cm tall.

This retro double pack is produced in 1:16 scale. Presented in a unique display friendly collector box with a 5th-panel window box.