Eaglemoss Alien Newborn Figurine (Alien Resurrection)


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Joining the Alien & Predator Figurine Collection is the first and only of its kind, the Newborn figurine the result of a twisted experiment.

This ghoulish Newborn figurine based on the creature’s memorable appearance in Alien Resurrection. Standing upright over 19 cm tall in a bipedal prowling stance, capturing the Alien’s pale softer skin rather than the chitinous exoskeleton dramatically different from any other Xenomorph, even though it was born from the Alien Queen.

The Newborn keeps the iconic elongated skull, but with its slightly Human face with eyes deep in the sockets as well as large fangs.

The Alien Newborn Figurine will make an outstanding addition to any Alien collection.

Height with base approx. 19cm tall