Hiya Judge Dredd Cursed Earth Dredd 1/18 Action Figure


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From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! He’s ready for the most unforgiving place on Earth: the 1/18-scale Cursed Earth Judge Dredd action figure joins your collection as an Exquisite Mini from Hiya Toys. With a first introduction in 1977, The Cursed Earth is the irradiated wasteland separating the great Mega-Cities of the eastern, western, and southern coasts of North America. The result of the devastating Atomic Wars of the 2070s, this blasted landscape is populated by mutants, marauders, cannibals, and even rampaging Tyrannosaurs Rex. It is an unforgiving place, where even Judges fear to tread-but if there’s one future cop who can bring law to this lawless land then it’s Judge Dredd!

The Cursed Earth Judge Dredd figure stands at 4″ tall, with 16 points of articulation, plus shoulder and joint pads, and chain and badge of office. As well as his Lawmaster gun, formidable daystick, and sets of interchangeable hands, he comes wrapped in his special Radcloak to protect himself from the poisoned landscape of the Cursed Earth.